Layer'r is one of India's fastest emerging brands of personal care and styling products.

Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative, better products that make them feel good and look great.

Layer’r’s mother company Adjavis Venture Limited was incorporated in 2013. It is a customer-focused organization led by Mr. Devendra Patel who has over two decades of experience in building and launching some of India’s foremost brands in the FMCG and OTC segments. Our current portfolio includes Layer'r deodorants and perfumes, body splash, body spray and hair styling gels.

We are a company driven by customer insight and innovation. Layer'r Wottagirl is India’s first clear body splash while Layer'r Shot is India's very first clear body spray for men.

Adjavis is forging ahead in its constant endeavour to create long term value for its customers in the form of innovative, new products. With many more exciting, pioneering products in the pipeline, we are poised to become one of India’s leading personal care companies.